Electrical Land is an electrical service contractor providing residential and commercial service throughout the country. With decades of experience and dedication to our work, we are proud of the high-quality service we provide and the relationships we’ve built with our clients. 

We have a team of professional and licensed electricians with thorough training and experience. We’ve built a reputation in delivering unrivaled service with thousands of accomplished repairs. We have equipped ourselves with precision tools to serve clients safely and efficiently. Our commitment is to safeguard our customer’s homes and businesses while providing comfort and performance.

We pride ourselves on providing full transparency into the successes and failures of our business. We work in a professional environment and follow values not just for work, but also on how we live our daily lives.

Values we live by:


  • The Golden Rule; treating others as we would like to be treated.
  • Understanding what is being said and acknowledging its importance.
  • Responding punctually to every appointment.
  • Speaking comfortably, and politely, without profanity or criticism.
  • Acknowledging everyone’s right from their perspective.


  • Making agreements we intend and able to keep.
  • Proper communication between individuals.
  • A thorough inspection of your problem and proposing suitable solutions.
  • Working responsibly to deliver the best results.
  • Honest and upfront in our deals. 
  • Clear and clarifying answers to questions.

Customer Focus

  • Striving to build trust to maximize customer loyalty.
  • Giving our best effort to understand and value the customer’s needs in every situation.
  • Ensuring all aspects of our services puts the customer’s satisfaction first.
  • We make sure that every decision provides our customers with the best outcome.


Alex N.
Electrical Land

Many homeowners neglect to inspect their home electrical system regularly until it’s too late. When left unchecked for so long outlets, light fixtures, or even breakers start to go bad. At Electric Land, we understand how your home’s electricity works and how to fix it. We keep our equipment up to date with industry standards because safety can’t be taken lightly. We are also constantly learning how new electrical innovations like EV/Tesla charger work to give you a complete service.

John D.
Electrical Land

Had a really good experience with this company just recently. Great prices and services. We needed to install recessed lighting throughout the house . We got an appointment right away the very next day and they came on time. They were very helpful and explained everything they were doing in details. Made sure all of my questions were answered thoroughly. Very pleased with the work they performed and I will definitely be calling them again once we plan to start work on the backyard to install electricity.

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