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Some electrical service providers often provide inadequate electrical work, resulting in more inconveniences or even problems. But with our team of electricians at Electrical Land, we guarantee that our customers here in Union City will get the best services they need and deserve. Our team of experts has all the know-how and proper procedures to handle just any electrical issues, including:

  • Outlet not working
  • The panel breaker won’t stay on
  • Electrical breaker no power
  • And there’s a lot more

So if you happen to experience just any of the following or are bothered by electrical issues that are new to you, know that you can always rely on our electricians to handle it all.

Here at Electrical Land, we are here to bring perfection, making your home or businesses in Union City safe and more comfortable. With our team of experts working with just any of your electrical service requirements, rest assured that you’ll get to have:

  • Fast, same-day results
  • Long-lasting solutions
  • Affordable rates on all services
  • Complete satisfaction
  • And so much more

So if you are all about getting the best electrical services, then make sure that you have one of our experts for the job.

With our top-rated electricians at Electrical Land, you know that you can always expect the best things, especially for your electrical system here in Union City. Our electricians will make sure that you and your family is away from:

  • Exposed wirings
  • Possible fires caused by faulty outlets
  • Electrocution
  • And significant property damages

Moreover, when you have Electrical Land for the job, you know that your home here in Union City will likely have the best electrical system at all times.

Why Choose Electrical Land Here In Union City?

Electrical Land provides a full range of electrical services serving residential and commercial properties here in Union City.

We are also dedicated to providing them with the most affordable electrical services while ensuring that their home or office electrical system is handled with care. And whether you require our electrician’s services for some garden light installation, GFS lighting repair, or your panel switch needs replacement, please know that we can always help you with any of that. So whenever you need our experts for the job, just let us know, and we’ll forward the best ones right on time!

About Us


Our team of professionals strives hard because we have one goal in mind: to deliver quality and superior services. We work in this manner because we understand the hassle or inconvenience of having a faulty electrical system, where it only slows everyone down.

And we don’t want it to happen here in Union City, which is why we always get all of our customer’s electrical issues handled as much as possible.

So when it comes to your electrical problems or any electrical service requirements, you know that our team is always up for any of them.

Do not wait for your electrical issues to get worse! Instead, have our experts at Electrical Land get it all fixed! Just dial (510) 880-3442, and we’ll have your concerns covered right on time!

Services Offered

Wiring repair
Wiring Installation
Electrical Panel Installation
Outlet Installation
Outlet Repair
Electrical Panel Repair
Lighting Installation
Lighting Repair
Smoke Detector Installation
EV Charging Station Installation
Commercial Electrical Services
Residential Electrical Services


Alex N.
Electrical Land

Many homeowners neglect to inspect their home electrical system regularly until it’s too late. When left unchecked for so long outlets, light fixtures, or even breakers start to go bad. At Electric Land, we understand how your home’s electricity works and how to fix it. We keep our equipment up to date with industry standards because safety can’t be taken lightly. We are also constantly learning how new electrical innovations like EV/Tesla charger work to give you a complete service.

John D.
Electrical Land

Had a really good experience with this company just recently. Great prices and services. We needed to install recessed lighting throughout the house . We got an appointment right away the very next day and they came on time. They were very helpful and explained everything they were doing in details. Made sure all of my questions were answered thoroughly. Very pleased with the work they performed and I will definitely be calling them again once we plan to start work on the backyard to install electricity. 

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Whenever you need an expert to help you with your faulty electrical, don’t hesitate to give Electrical Land a call as soon as possible. Your safety is our team’s first priority! Our customer services team will surely help you to book an appointment for any of your electrical services needs immediately. We assure you that we will send you one of our fully trained and equipped electricians to assist you with your electrical system problem. If you have questions related to your electrical system, our electrician will surely answer all of your concerns and give you some tips on how to take good care of you correctly to prevent the same problem in the future. Do you need our team’s help? Dial (661) 349-4879 and talk to our customer services representative with your concerns!

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