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Brighten Your Home with an Aesthetic Ambiance

Without detailed lighting, your furniture and interior design will go unnoticed. Careful lighting layout gives dimension and feel of the environment and reveals the aesthetics of your home’s interior décor. Planning a decent lighting setup lies in finding the suitable spacing, fixtures, and purposes for each room. Every lighting technique is a personalized design that works together to build a wholesome balance of elegance and utility.


Toe Kick Lighting. Try adding toe kick lighting under the bathroom and kitchen counters to match the lighting between the ceiling and floor. Toe kick lights are a stylish and cost-effective way to give your home a contemporary feel.


Layer your Lights. Don’t let your rooms have a dark area; light them up! For a more aesthetically pleasing and practical way to light a room, layer your room for a special feel and accent in your interior. Take advantage of layering through the use of key, task, and accent lighting. 


Task & Accent Lighting. Reading lamps are a perfect way to introduce task lighting in your interior. You can place it on your bedside or next to your preferred sofa chair. Then, add accent lighting to spruce up your room. Accent lighting highlights areas that are usually unnoticed with key lighting. Add accent lights to feature sophisticated artworks, plants, and areas in the room.


Dimmer Switch. Update your home’s lighting switch. With dimmer switches, you can set the tone and manipulate the ambiance of each room. You can take your lighting arrangement to the next level! Not only does it add to the overall aesthetics of your home, but it also helps save energy consumption, which lowers utility costs.


Get creative and personalize your home for a contemporary interior environment. At Electrical Land, we’ll not only provide your lighting upgrade efficiently, but we’ll also help you with lighting styles.

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